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What’s different about this approach?

There are thankfully many organisations and individuals exploring ‘natural technologies’ or involved in ‘biomimetics’ (the application of natural solutions to human engineering problems, also referred to asBiomimicry’).  It goes without saying that we need to understand how nature does something if we are to attempt to apply its solutions to our issues.  However, if we are to apply natural solutions that really work - not a polluting imitation – then we need to truly understand how nature does it…  To do that, we need to be open minded about the discoveries we make - even if they don’t fit with established beliefs. I wonder if, in our pursuit of ‘scientific fact’ we have missed, or worse, dismissed some valid ideas and suggestions, merely because they don’t ‘fit’ with established doctrines.


My observations of other web sites representing those who are exploring ‘alternative natural technologies’ or biomimetics; appear to be technically-led and quite focussed on a particular area.  I believe that the art of nature is a sublime, delicate balance of many subtle ‘design features’ and my approach is a holistic one that looks at the whole, natural system as Viktor Schauberger  suggested. For example, to understand how a fish swims we should be looking at the whole system not just the fish. We should start with examining the movement of the water and think about the consequences and the cause of its movement. I think we should understand why it flows in that way, how it flows that way, and then we should look at the movements of the fish. We should ask why it wants to swim, we should ask how the shape of the fish affects its abilities to swim and its effect on its environment and so on and so on…  we need to understand the whole system.


I suspect the major difference in my approach to that of others doing similar things however, is that although I believe that some of the findings I have already made (and those that will hopefully follow by myself or other people) could be of great commercial value; all of the ideas, concepts, re-design suggestions that are published here, are done so in the public domain. 

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