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For The Record…

I would like to state ‘for the record’ that I fully acknowledge that I am not a scientist and I make no claims to be so. I am layman.  I also know that this does not negate in any way the validity of any findings or observations I have made.


If you are like-minded and can offer assistance in any way, if you can help research, validate (disprove!) publish, provide resource, or just spread the word, it would be greatly appreciated. In any event please feel free to get in touch.


And finally, this site has no religious, political, company or governmental affiliations.  There is no big organisation behind this site, no corporate or government funding; at the time of writing it’s just me.  There is no hidden agenda and nothing is for sale here, there is only the open examination and sharing of ideas, discoveries and concepts, based on the art of nature, which are for the benefit of the planet and everything that resides upon her.

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